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Deciding to get a divorce isn’t easy. Getting one can be.

Here at Do It Yourself Divorce, PLLC, we’ll make it as easy as possible. Our three-step process will help you get a low cost, no-fault divorce. We won’t just give you the paperwork and send you on your way.

Our self-help approach to divorce will give you the information you seek while providing the advice you need. You’ll meet with our team, either in person or on the phone, and using our three-step process we’ll:

Step 1 of Do It Yourself Divorce process
Determine your needs
Step 2 of Do It Yourself Divorce process
Provide you with completed forms and documents
Step 3 of Do It Yourself Divorce process
Show you how to file and complete the process

I thought this was Do It Yourself? Why do I need your help?

Search the Internet and you’ll find sites claiming that you can file for divorce on your own. And you can. But what happens when you have a question? What if you don’t know which paperwork you’re supposed to file? On most of the do it yourself sites you’d be on your own.

That’s what makes us different. At Do it Yourself Divorce, PLLC we’re here to guide you through the divorce process. We like to say it’s a do it yourself divorce with a little help.

*A basic divorce can be completed without extra services or documents and doesn’t require court, Friend of the Court or mediation services.